Seminar: Microservice architecture and virtualization using Docker, project of Geo2Tag virtualization

On 26 November a seminar “Microservice architecture and virtualization using Docker, project of Geo2Tag virtualization” was held.

The report has focused on the design and implementation of web applications to improve their scalability and stability.
The first part of the presentation has illustrated the main ideas micro services architecture, its positive and negative sides. In the second part of the report existing virtualization tools were described.
Also it has been shown how we can implement the separation of the application into separate services using Linux containers.
The third part of the presentation included a practical example of refactoring existing monolithic web applications Geo2Tag for microservices architecture.

Speaker: Vladislav Marin, Magister of SPbETU “LETI”, an active member of the Geo2Tag project.

Here you can see a slide deck from the seminar:


Here you can see the video of the report (russian):

Here is the summary about the seminar:

Link to the russian source:


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