Seminar: Work with geodata in MongoDb

On 21 January a seminar “Work with geodata in MongoDb” was held.

The report has illustrated the interfaces of NoSQL database MongoDb to handle location data in two-dimensional spacePractical examples (from the development of Geo2Tag project) shows how to solve the problems of storing and analyzing spatial data.

In scope of the report the following topics were covered:

  • a short introduction to Mongo
  • GeoJSON format
  • types of spatial indices and geometries supported by MongoDb
  • operations of geodata filtering as part of operation find
  • searching and filtering geodata at the stage of aggregation of data
  • searching and filtering geodata using the haystack indexes.

The report is addressed to developers, analysts, data scientists, researchers and anyone interested in issues of automatic or automated processing of location data in two-dimensional space.

The examples required the installed version of MongoDb 3.0 or later.

Speaker: Mark Zaslavskiy, postgraduate student at NRU ITMO, an active member of the Open Source and Linux Laboratory, one of the authors and developers of Geo2Tag project.

Here you can see a slide deck from the seminar:


Here you can see the video of the report (russian): 


Here is the summary about the seminar:


Here you can find the examples and presentation of the

Link to the russian source:

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