Services metadata


Metadata are the elements of collection metadata in database of a one service. They are needed to store in a service data that are not related to geographical coordinates.

Software interfaces

Exception MetadataDoesNotExist 


  • getMetadataById(serviceName, _id) – search of element metadata by _id
  • findMetadata(serviceName, number, offset, queryPairs)  – search of elements by the query queryPairs and limited output through number and offset
  • deleteMetadataById(serviceName, _id) – deleting an element
  • setMetadata(serviceName, data, _id) – adding (update) an element


  • /<prefix>/service/<service_name>/metadata
    • POST, adding a new element. Parameter is an arbitrary json structure
    • GET filtering the existing elements of the collection:
      • mandatory parameters: offset, number
      • optional parameters – an arbitrary set of couples key-value (including
        hierarchical structures of type field1.field2.0 that are corresponding  field1[‘field2’][0])
  • /<prefix>/service/<service_name>/metadata/<metadata_id>
    • GET – get a single element
    • PUT – edit an existing element. Parameter is an arbitrary json structure.
    • DELETE – delete an element.


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