Work with the libraries python-jenkins and python JIRA


Python-jenkins is a python shell for REST API jenkins allowing to provide simple control of the server jenkins.


$ sudo pip install python-jenkins

Example of connection to server:

import jenkins

server = jenkins.Jenkins('http://localhost:8080', username='myuser', password='mypassword')

The library allows to create/edit/delete goals, to obtain information about compilations, plugins, nodes, to install plugins and more.

Example of getting the list of goals:

jobs = server.get_jobs()

Example of getting information about nodes:

node_config = server.get_node_info('slave1')

Link to documentation:

Python JIRA

Python-JIRA is a library for easy interaction with JIRA REST API.


$ pip install jira

Example of connection to server with authorization:

options = {
    'server': JIRA_PROJECT

jira = JIRA(options, basic_auth=(JIRA_USERNAME, PASSWORD))

Example of translation tasks to ‘Reopened

issue = jira.issue('GT-1693')
jira.transition_issue(issue, u'Reopened')

Link to documentation:

The above libraries are used in the script scripts/ <branch_number>.

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