Examples of Geo2Tag usage

Informational systems:

Interactive demonstration of current platform version map interfaces (may request location permission). Below you can see standart interface for spatial representation of geodata stored in the platform – //service//map. The interface allows to demonstrate geomarks grouped in clusters (groups) by proximity. Each group is displayed as circle with number inside. The number means count of geomarks grouped into particular cluster. The size and content of each group may change during zooming in or out. Particular geomark is an object with location information which were imported from Open Karelia information system and displayed as a drop-shaped marker. By clicking on such marker additional details about corresponding objects will be displayed in a small popup window.

Demo server, where REST requests can be tested in real life conditions: http://demo.geo2tag.org/

Additional information: Examples of REST testing using CURL , REST API requests formats , Geo2Tag platform REST requests interaction sequence.

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