CarFleet description


The basic idea of this service is to provide ability of tracking/observing car fleet movements using mobile devices. Service consists of two parts – personal map widgets and mobile client.

Personal map widget

Personal map widgets allow you to follow your fleet movements. Map Widget is a web page which conatins the map with marked trackpoints of user fleet movements and filtration controlls (for setting zoom/selecting cars/selecting track age/radius).

Widgets can be obtained from this page. On this webpage you need to enter your login/password + starting coordinates for the widget maps. If your credentials are entered correctly, then you will recieve links for two widget webpages (one is desktop widget and one is mobile version) on your email address.

CarFleet mobile client

CarFleet mobile client is an Android application whic allows to:

  • manage user fleet – view/add/rename/delete cars
  • select car for tracking
  • track position
  • view current position and path on a map

Start using CarFleet service

  • Register in Geo2Tag or use existing account, if you already registered for other Geo2Tag services
  • Download mobile client
  • Generate personal map widgets
  • Open mobile client and start tracking!
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