Android Hello World!

Required software:

export JAVA_HOME=/<path_to_jdk>/
export PATH=${PATH}:/<path_to_jdk>/bin/
export ANT_HOME=<path_to_ant>/
export PATH=${PATH}:<path_to_ant>/bin/
export PATH=${PATH}:<path_to_sdk>/tools/
export PATH=${PATH}:<path_to_sdk>/platform-tools/
$ android

In the Android SDK and AVD Manager, choose Available Packages in the left panel.
In the right panel, expand the Android Repository list to display the components available for installation.
Select at least one platform to install, and click Install Selected. If you aren’t sure which platform to install, use the latest version.

In command line:

android create project 
--target 1 
--name MyAndroidApp 
--path ./MyAndroidAppProject 
--activity MyAndroidAppActivity 
--package com.example.myandroid
  • Create debugging apk
cd ./MyAndroidAppProject 
ant debug
  • Install apk on your android device or AVD
adb install bin/MyAndroidApp-debug.apk
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