Format and connection of plugins

The form of plugins

Plugin is a set of external classes-resources connected to Geomongo. Technically, plugin is a python-package (directory with source code files and file satisfying the following rules:

  • it contains file;
  • the name of directory should be written by latin lowercase letters  and underscores should be used instead of space characters.

Directory with plugins for installed application: /var/www/geomongo/plugins.

File should contain:

  • function getPluginResources() which returns dictionary with couples ‘link’: Resource’s derived class;
  • function getPluginInfo() which returns string description of the plugin.

Plugin connection

  • the directory of plugin should be copied to  /var/www/geomongo/plugins
  • to activate the plugin administrator should run the query /<geo2tag_root_prefix>/manage_plugins?plugin_name=true (issue GT-1421)
  • to get list of enabled plugins administrator should run the query /<geo2tag_root_prefix>/plugin (issue GT-1421).
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