Deployment Geo2Tag image via Vagrant

This article describes how you can generate a VirtualBox machine with Geo2Tag instance is installed using Vagrant. The machine can be deployed on any computer that support VirtualBox.

  • Clone project repo: git clone
  • Install Vagrant (the last version is at
  • Install VirtualBox: apt-get install virtualbox
  • Go to directory vagrant/ and run the command vagrant up. Then the virtual  machine with ubuntu 14.04 will be created, the last stable version (master branch geomongo) will be downloaded and deployed.
  • To test of  virtual  machine functionality you have to run command vagrant ssh and also command curl http://geomongo/instance/log after login into virtual machine (login and password vagrant). The command should return an empty list.

The generated image need additional configuration:

  • network interfaces
  • domain name mapping
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