The sequence of queries to interact with the platform

This page describes a typical scenario of working with the platform. Specified scenario includes 5 steps.

1. Authorization (Login)

  • Initially for authorization you should to execute command:
cd src && python

and move to /login there the butoon “Sign in with Google” is available. Accordingly, on this page you can login using Google+. Сonfiguring authorization using Google+ 

Authorization via the debug interface

Debugging authorization is necessary for testing, it doesn’t include authentification users. Debugging authorization is available using the next query:


2. Data upload (request requires authorization)

Creating points/channels is performed by query POST.

  • Path of query for creating the point:
<prefix>/instance/service/<service_name>/point, data:{'lat', 'lon',  'alt',  'json', 'channel_id'}
  • Path of query for creating the channel: 
 <prefix>/instance/service/<service_name>/channel, data:{'name', 'json'}

the name of channel should have the format:  ‘name’ + String(Math.random() * (1000 – 1) + 1)

3. Filtration (request requires authorization)

Filtering points/channels is performed by query GET.

  • Path of query for filter the points:
    data: {channel_ids, number, geometry, altitude_from, altitude_to, substring, date_from, date_to, offset, radius}

obligatory arguments of query are channel_ids and number.

  • Path of query for filter the channels: 
    data: {substring, number, offset}

    the arguments are optional

4. Working with plugins

Extension of the functionality of the platform is performed using plugins. Plugin is a set of external classes-resources connected to Geomongo. Using the query <prefix>/instance/manage_plugins  you can manage plugins of the system (connect/disconnect). If a plugin is connected (enabled), it is available via REST interface <prefix>/instance/plugin/<plugin_name>/*.

5. Logout (request requires authorization)

To finish the session you should call <prefix>/instance/logout.

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