Performance testing import plugins

Performance of import plugins is tested by script: scripts/performance/od_performance/

The script has the next parameters:


  1. -createJobLink <string> – link to creating task import
  2. -jobData <string>  – json data for testing
  3. -viewJobsLink <string> – link to viewing current tasks import


  1. -jobsCount<int> [default value = 1] – the number of times of running the work of import
  2. -timeout<int> [default value = 60] – timeout in seconds. After this period script will follow to viewJobsLink and check that all task import executed successfully.
  • If all tasks were executed for timeout seconds the statistics will be displayed on the screen.
  • In other case No results by timeout will be displayed in the console.

The structure of the output statistics:

Statistics is a dictionary of the next form:

{average: {value: <среднее time>}, min: {value: <min time>, job: <job_json>}, max: {value: <max time>, job: <job_json>}}

Examples of running (from the root project folder):

./scripts/performance/od_performance/ -createJobLink http://geomongo/instance/plugin/ok_import/service/testservice/job  -jobData '{"channelName":"testchannel","openDataUrl":"", "showObjectUrl":"", "showImageUrl":""} '  -viewJobsLink http://geomongo/instance/plugin/ok_import/service/testservice/job -jobsCount 2 -timeout 70

Run without any additional parameters:

./scripts/performance/od_performance/ -createJobLink http://geomongo/instance/plugin/ok_import/service/testservice/job  -jobData '{"channelName":"testchannel","openDataUrl":"", "showObjectUrl":"", "showImageUrl":""} '  -viewJobsLink http://geomongo/instance/plugin/ok_import/service/testservice/job
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