This script is designed for local deployment geomongo. The script should be run under the root user.

The next parameters will be used for running the script:

-с <name_of_catalog> specifies in which catalog all geomongo sources will be copied (by default it’s geomongo);

-f  flag which specifies that not need to overwrite config/config.ini;

-d <name of the config ini file> specifies which config file should be copied  (by default config/config.ini);

-e <name of the config file> specifies which config file should be copied to /etc/apache2/sites-available/ (by default config/geomongo.conf).

-el <the name of file for errors logging> specifies to which file you need to output errors (by default error);

-s <Server Name> specifies which server should be written in the config file  (by default geomongo).

The script performs the following steps:

– copies files to directory /var/www/DIRECTORY where DIRECTORY is specified after the key -c;

– runs the script scripts/ which specifies all dependencies of the project;

– records information about commit (commit hash, data, number of branch and version) to file /var/www/geomongo/DEBUG;

– makes the website available;

– restart apache.


– sudo ./scripts/ # the script is called with default parameters: config is overwritten and copying sources is performed in geomongo.

– sudo ./scripts/ -f -c test # config isn’t overwritten and copying sources is performed to the catalog test.

– sudo ./scripts/ -e 000-default.conf -s localhost # config will create  000-default.conf with server localhost

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